Gloria Victis Finished Decent Wood Recipe

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Gloria Victis is a medieval-themed MMORPG developed by Black Eye Games. It is set in a realistic, low-fantasy medieval world where players can join one of four factions and engage in open-world PvP, castle sieges, and territorial control.


The game focuses on a non-target combat system, providing a skill-based experience where player skill and tactics play a crucial role in battles. Players can choose from various character classes and develop their skills in combat, crafting, and gathering resources. The crafting system allows players to create weapons, armor, and other items using resources gathered from the game world.

Gloria Victis features a dynamic world with a player-driven economy and a reputation system that affects the interaction between factions and individuals. The game also emphasizes a realistic approach to warfare, where players can construct siege engines, defend or attack castles, and participate in large-scale battles.


Wooden Planks: Used as a basic building material, wooden planks can be crafted from logs. You may need a saw or a similar tool to process the logs into planks.

Wooden Arrows: Crafting arrows requires wooden shafts. These can be made from wooden planks or logs, depending on the recipe. Additionally, you may need feathers or other materials for the arrowheads.

Wooden Shields: Shields made from wood are often available as a crafting option. The recipe typically involves using wooden planks or logs, as well as other materials such as leather for strapping and reinforcement.


Wooden Weapons: Some basic weapons, such as staves or wooden clubs, can be crafted using wood. The specific recipes and required materials may vary depending on the weapon type and the game’s updates.

Different Kinds Of Wood

We’ve already established that there’s a few different kinds of wood in the game, but you may be wondering how it’s acquired.

If you look at the Forestry table once more, you can see that you can create an upgrade path vertically or horizontally. Each of these different paths will unlock different features for you.


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A horizontal progression is relatively simple; it reduces the time it takes to chop wood, and will slightly increase the amount gathered.

Gloria Victis Finished Decent Wood Recipe

However, a vertical progression is much more complex. As you go down the table, you’ll unlock different kinds of wood. The further down the table you go, the higher the quality.

We’ll now list the different kinds of wood that you can unlock by taking a vertical progression on the Forestry table:

  • Common Wood
  • Quality Wood
  • Decent Wood
  • Great Wood
  • Excellent Wood

How To Collect Wood

There’s two different ways you can collect wood. These consist of:

  1. Using a Lumbermill
  2. Collecting wood in the wilderness

If you want to collect some of the higher tiers of wood, such as great wood and excellent wood, then you’ll have to seek it out. Unfortunately, it’s found in some of the more hotter areas of the map, towards the centre. This makes it both dangerous and competitive to acquire.

Due to the different types of wood in the game, you’ll need a different axe for each. See below to make sure you’re using the right axe:

  • Common Wood – Novice’s Axe
  • Quality Wood – Apprentice’s Axe
  • Decent Wood – Journeyman’s Axe
  • Great Wood – Craftman’s Axe
  • Excellent Wood – Master’s Axe

for more information you can visit the game official website on HERE


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