Fully Funded Scholarship For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Studies At Pekins University, Beijing

Peking University welcomes outstanding international students to embark on a transformative academic journey through the prestigious Peking University Scholarship. Tailored for those enrolling in various academic programs at the university’s vibrant campus in Beijing, this scholarship represents a golden opportunity for aspiring individuals.

Notably, it is a fully funded initiative designed to support students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD levels as they pursue their educational aspirations at the esteemed Peking University.


This scholarship, which offers financial assistance and opens doors to a top-notch education and a rewarding overseas experience, is dedicated to excellence.

About The Scholarship

Embarking on a global academic journey is now within reach through this fully funded international scholarship, which presents a unique dual-tiered structure. This distinctive scholarship is categorized into full and partial, each tailored to diverse needs.


The all-encompassing full scholarship goes beyond traditional support by covering tuition fees, offering a monthly stipend inclusive of a generous living allowance, and providing comprehensive medical insurance. The goal of this all-encompassing strategy is to guarantee that the beneficiaries achieve academic success and have a fulfilling, varied, and enjoyable time as students.

On the other hand, our partial scholarship exclusively addresses tuition fees, offering a specialized avenue for those seeking targeted financial assistance while pursuing their educational ambitions.

At the heart of this program is a commitment to individualized support, empowering international students to thrive in their academic pursuits while fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. This unique approach aims to uplift scholars financially and provide a transformative and empowering educational experience.


About The Monthly Stipend

Unlocking a world of possibilities, this monthly stipend distribution is a testament to the commitment to supporting your academic journey with personalized care. Delving into the unique needs of each academic level, this program tailors stipends to provide financial assistance and a thoughtful investment in your success.

For undergraduates, experience a monthly stipend of 2000 CNY, ensuring that your financial concerns don’t overshadow your educational pursuits. Postgraduate students receive an elevated stipend of 2500 CNY/month, reflecting dedication to acknowledging the increased demands of advanced studies. The pinnacle of support is reserved for Ph.D. candidates, who benefit from a robust monthly stipend of 3000 CNY, recognizing the depth and dedication required for doctoral research.

With this nuanced stipend structure, the aim is to alleviate financial burdens and empower you at every stage of your academic odyssey. The commitment is to support you and elevate your educational experience, ensuring that financial considerations always succeed on your path to success.


The Scholarship Duration

Embarking on a personalized educational journey, this scholarship program offers a duration tailored to the distinct needs of each academic level, ensuring an experience beyond traditional support.

For undergraduates, the scholarship opens doors for a transformative year, laying the foundation for future success. Master’s program participants are provided a dynamic window of 2-3 years, allowing for a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that transcends conventional timelines.

PhD candidates benefit from an extended scholarship of 4 years, recognizing the depth and dedication required for advanced research. Those opting for a Direct Ph.D. experience an enriching journey spanning five years, emphasizing the commitment to fostering groundbreaking contributions in their respective fields.

This unique approach to scholarship duration aligns with academic milestones. It underscores the dedication to providing sustained support, ensuring that each scholar has the time and resources to achieve excellence in their educational pursuits.

Qualification Requirements

1. Nationality and Health:

   – Prospective applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and should be in good health to be considered for eligibility.

2. Admission Offer:

   – Successful candidates are required to have received an official admission offer to pursue their studies at Peking University as international students.

3. Exclusive Scholarship Funding:

   – Applicants must have yet to secure any other external scholarship funding concurrently. This guarantees each and every qualified applicant a just and equal opportunity.

4. Program Exclusions:

   – Applicants are ineligible for this scholarship if they are currently registered in professional degree programs, participating in joint degree programs, or enrolled in programs conducted in the English language. The eligibility criteria are specifically designed to align with Peking University’s scholarship program’s academic objectives and focus areas.

How To Apply And Application Process

1. Degree Application:

   – Initiate your educational journey by applying for your desired degree or postgraduate program on or before January 31, 2024.

2. Online Application System:

   – When the Peking University Online Application System becomes accessible, navigate to the Scholarship Application section. Complete the application form thoughtfully and submit it through the provided platform.

3. Letter of Appeal Submission:

   – Personalize your application by submitting a compelling appeal letter in person or via mail before the specified deadline, highlighting your unique qualifications and aspirations.

4. Application Evaluation:

   – Our dedicated committee will meticulously evaluate all applications, considering academic merit, extracurricular achievements, and the impact applicants can make within the academic community.

5. Final Review of Selected Candidates:

   – The list of selected candidates will undergo a thorough final review, ensuring that the most deserving individuals are chosen to be part of our esteemed scholarship program.

6. Public Announcement of Successful Candidates:

   – The finalized list of successful candidates will be publicly announced, celebrating the achievements and potential of those who have earned the opportunity to further their education at Peking University.


The annual appraisal process is at the heart of this commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic success. Every April, scholarship recipients engage in a comprehensive evaluation, not just as a requirement but as a meaningful opportunity for growth and continued excellence.

This annual tradition ensures that scholarship recipients maintain the standards that earned them this prestigious support and continually strive for academic and personal advancement.

Looking ahead, the gateway to new opportunities opens each late May when the scholarship application window becomes accessible. For a detailed guide on the application process and to explore the possibilities that await, we invite you to visit the dedicated scholarship application page.


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