Denied Representation: Plateau’s forgotten Constituencies. By; Dapeh Mansun Emmanuel

The deliberate obstruction of Representation in Plateau State House of Assembly is not just worrisome but a calculated act of cruelty and greed aimed at denying citizens the representation they deserve.

While 8 Members are currently serving their Constituents, 16 other constituencies are watching how tax payers money is being lavished on 8 Constituencies giving them the coloration of second class citizens if at all they are regarded as such.


This artificial vacuum is not just a political maneuver; it is a moral outrage that demands action by everyone who really means and not just seem to mean well for Plateau State and it’s citizenry.

That Constituency you are denying representation deserves water; schools, street lights; drainages; fertilizers; hospitals among other constituency projects that may be initiated by their Representative.


We do not care about your politics of who sits on the throne.
We are Plateau citizens too.
We deserve Representation.
We deserve Constituency Projects. voices may not be as loud as it should but it resonates deep in the conscience of the man who cares.

The only possible explanation unfortunately for this vacuum is that those in authority delight in seeing people suffer, despite the current economic situation we find ourselves in. This remains true until the needful is done.

It is expected that well-meaning leaders should not just welcome, but encourage and support the process that will ensure seamless swearing in of the 16 Members to enable the dividends of democracy reach those at the grassroots.


I’m certain as always that those against progress and development will say otherwise.

I choose not to be silent.

TO ALL CONCERNED! I choose not to be silent.


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