As the 2021 SUG polls draws near PLASITES are wondering who is the most credible candidate among all to vote for.

This year has three Vibrant and experienced Aspirants from same Geo political zone who were all members of the parliament in the 7th Assembly as opposed to the 2019 election.


Meet the aspirants;

Joseph Pam a 300Level student from Accounting department who is from Jos South LGA of Plateau State.

Comr. Joseph Pam

While as a serving Senator he was one of the outspoken Senator and he ranks among the highest Bill sponsorers of the Assembly.

One of the Bill sponsored by Sen. Pam which passed Second reading is the need for monthly sanitation of the University environment, which indeed Is an excellent idea for proper hygiene.

Meet Comr. Peter Arin ( Mr. P).
He is a 300level student from Sociology department, who also served as Senator of his department in the 7th Assembly.


Mr. P is from Jos East Local Government Area Of Plateau. One unique thing about this personality is his humility and ability to Stand for the TRUTH while as Senator.

And finally meet Comr. Joel Ayuba.

RT. Hon. Joel Is a 300 level student from Geography department who is from Bassa LGA of Plateau State.

Comr. Joel Ayuba

He also served as Senator in the 7th Assembly and because of his attitude of selfless Service to the student community he was elected as the DEPUTY SPEAKER ( DSP) of the house.

In the history of the Union he is one of the Jovial and Proactive DSP who started and finished with good relationship with most of the Senators.

He has proved to be a man of the People via different platforms, first he organized a seminar on Covid-19 awareness for the Students upon resumption of First Semester an has recently organized again a day seminar on Leadership.

Most times in the past, Union leaders come acting like saint during election with a lot of sweet and convincing word and after winning the elections they reasonlve to doing different.

PLASU fellows Must only vote a leader who having studied the Problems at hand, has mapped out concrete plans on how to tackle them, not one who will come to leadership empty and confused.

Above all, the PLASU community must vote a leader who is sound in mind and body and has the will power to act fast and right for their interest not one who can easily be manipulated by Caucus, ethnic inclination against Students interest.

Success can only be achieved with the help of God, whom PLASITES must seek and allow to rule in the fourth coming SUG elections.

VOTE wisely to make a change


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