Re-Impersonation Saga: Hon. Komsol Debunks Allegations, Sets Records Straight

The attention of the Hon. Member representing Shendam, Qua’anpan, and Mikang Federal Constituency, Hon. Komsol Alphonsus Longgap, has been drawn to a rumor circulating on social media about an alleged impersonation accusation leveled against him, which ordinarily would have been discarded, but without setting the records straight, the unsuspecting public would be tempted to believe what they see.

It is quite disheartening, frivolous, and a desperate act by some disgruntled politicians who were threatened by the political star of Hon. Komsol, a widely accepted Lawmaker by the generality of the Constituents, and beyond whom their wildest dreams assume they would go to any length to tarnish the image of the highly celebrated people centeric Lawmaker.


It is therefore important to note that the allegations that the member has duped a large number of people are completely absurd and a figment of the writer’s imagination, who can best be described as a yellow journalist who abandoned the process of hearing both sides before publishing such a politically motivated piece of garbage.
It’s common knowledge that Hon. Komsol is running for re-election, and while it’s true that he’s spending a lot of money to help his constituents, it’s myopic and cheap propaganda to claim that his benevolence is motivated by re-election. If these baseless accusers are actually familiar with the Hon. Member and his activities in the national assembly since his election, they will not be able to say this.

This is because, even as a first-timer in the national assembly, Hon. Komsol has been a selfless leader, and his mission to provide democratic dividends to his constituents has been his top concern to the loving people of his constituency since 2019.


There is no doubt that the Hon. Member’s track record and accomplishments over the previous three years have given many people, including these unhappy elements, sleepless nights.
It is therefore not surprising that these claims have surfaced, especially at this crucial time of electioneering, especially for those who are unhappy with the transformation in his constituency and are willing to go to any length to smear his reputation.

On this note, the Hon. Member wishes to debunk the falsehoods and exaggerated claims leveled against him by some unscrupulous, power-hungry elements hell-bent on tarnishing the Hon. Member’s reputation among his friends and family, colleagues, and poisoning the hearts of the peaceful and loving people of his constituency in the upcoming elections.

This is seen as an attempt to destabilize and distract the Hon. Member from the task at hand. But, according to the Hon. Member, this has given him the courage to stand firm because he is determined to continue the good works he has begun in his constituency, and nothing will be able to stop him because he trusts in God rather than man.


The Hon. Member would like to encourage the people of his constituency to disregard this rumor and stay focused on the path ahead. Nothing will be able to stop him from delivering the democratic benefits to his people if God wills it.
JM Dakas
Media Consultant to the Honourable Member


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