Breaking: Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo To Declare For 2023 State House of Assembly Qua’anpan South.

It is no longer new that a Golden Fish has no hideout. Innocent Agyo is that Golden Fish that is extremely competent for the office.

There have been suspense on whether The Hon. Innocent will run for the 2023 State House of Assembly following various declarations from party stalwarts and rumors. Now, he has come out silence those rumours.

Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo

The former duo supervisory Councillor for education and Agriculture as well as senior special Assistant to Honourable Chairman of Qua’anpan LGA, Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo is set to formally declare to contest the 2023 State of Assembly election under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).
An associate of Innocent and members of his support group of Progressive disclosed this to our correspondent.

Hon. Agyo Innocent Raymond, known as gentle as a dove and yet could be as aggressive as a lion if and when unjustly provoke. He is a Passionate believer in the tenets of mutual respect, tolerance, and accommodation as well as someone who feels the pain of his people and one that stands as a symbol of unity.


He is one man who believes in the principle of rule of law.


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