Five Places to Meet Husband Material in Nigeria

“Men are attracted to women who work out, so there is a high possibility that before you finish ten jumping jacks, there will be at least fifteen men waiting to exchange numbers”.

It is no secret that nowadays, it is hard to find suitable ‘husband material‘ among the millions of men in Nigeria.


In Nigerian parlance, a ‘husband material’ is a man with the potential to make a good husband.

While there are many men out there who fit the requirements of what your dream man should be, the possibility of you meeting one that is ready to commit and bestow you with his last name is minimal.


It sometimes causes some spinsters to ask, “God, when?” and fantasise about the day you throw your bouquet to a group of single women at your wedding.

What if we told you that the reason you have yet to meet a husband material is that you are looking for him at the wrong places? When it comes to meeting the future father of your kids, location is critical.

In the spirit of matchmaking, we listed five places to meet a husband material in Nigeria in this article.


Football Viewing centre

Before you entirely dismiss this option, hear us out. Everyone knows that many men and football are 5 and 6. So, whenever there is a major league or match happening, be sure that they will turn up in their numbers at different viewing centres.

Now, where are we going with this? If you walked into a viewing centre wearing the jersey of a particular club, chances are you would become the centre of attraction because; a) you are a woman, and b) you are a woman who likes football. This would lead to several men wanting to start a conversation with you, hoping it would lead to a relationship.


It would then be your choice to decide which of the men fits your criteria for being husband material.

The Gym

The same way women spend their time at the spa to look good, men spend theirs working out at the gym.

Going to the gym allows you to not only meet a husband material but a man who takes his health seriously and is physically fit. Also, men are attracted to women who work out, so there is a high possibility that before you finish ten jumping jacks, there will be at least 15 men waiting to exchange numbers.

Religious centres

Have you ever thought that the reason you keep dating unserious guys is that you do not meet them at churches or mosques?

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The truth is that one of the things that makes a man a good husband is the moral lessons he receives from religious institutions. So, if you are the type of lady who is sceptical about dating the brother that teaches Sunday school or the guy that recites the Quran verses, there is still time for you to change your mind.

The shopping mall

If there is one thing films and advertisements have taught us, love can happen anywhere, including in a shopping mall.

Ladies, listen carefully! If during shopping, you notice a single man buying foodstuffs (and by foods, we are not talking about noodles), that’s a potential husband material right there. So, pretend to bump your shopping cart into his, and from there, you can talk about other things before giving him your number.

At a wedding

This is not the season to be an “omo get inside” and turn down invitations to weddings. Now would be the best time to start gate crashing wedding parties in search of your future husband.

At least a good number of men who attend wedding parties are husband material. You have to observe them and occasionally ask people questions about them to gain deeper insight. And no, we do not want you targeting or hooking up with a married man.

Source Premium times


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