Why We Choose Nentawe Yilwatda as our Prime Candidate? – Arc. Atang Izang Bulus

As a group, our intentions and interest are in ensuring that our society and Plateau state has the best possible hand to lead its affairs. It is a well known fact that without a good and capable leader, a society suffers.


As members of the electorate, it is our civic duty to follow due diligence and ensure that the people we elect have the best interest of the people.
Having the interest of the people in this case, is more than just reminiscing on shared experiences, it is about the ideologies and philosophies that a leader has, and how these ideologies impact positively on the social, economic and political will of the people.

It is why we believe Dr. Nentawe is a logical choice. Mainly for the following reasons that we will outline:


– Working across the dual sectors of education and information technology and communication, Nentawe has shown with his suggestions and plans that he understands the terrain of the state and how we can harness the greatest resource available to the plateau polity. This resource is the youth. The youth are already making headway in information technology and communications. The groundwork already set by the present administration can be improved and upgraded by a governor who has made his mark in the sector. In his words, he opines that:

“In the nearest future, talent and skills will be the currency of our generation, and more than capital; it will represent the critical factor of production. The jobs of the future must fit into this skills-based economy.”

This is a vision worth investing in.


– On education, one sees that Nentawe’s plan goes way above the generic plan to continue the status quo. His social media post about the importance of the resuscitation of technical colleges and industries proves he understands the most pressing need at hand, and that is the fact that the state needs a diversified work force with technical skills that can be used in critical sectors of the state’s and in effect, the nations economy. His vision believes in the critical importance of skills and talent and how harnessing that sector and resource can improve the people and economy of the state.

He has also sponsored students for Jamb and waec examination, showing his immense interest in education.

– Nentawe’s vision is youth driven. Honestly, this is not some political echo. If you listen to Nentawe speak; his words and ideas will make you believe that he is invested in youth development. The youth sector is the most critical to the economy of any society and improving the youth gives a good footing to the society that can enable it build on other sectors.


– Vision for security

– Credibility

– Community development projects within his home community and how they are engaged.

Building Blocks to the Nentawe Project

Our preliminary findings in regards to Jos North revealed the following to us.

The electorate is group into different demographics.

These include the intellectual class, the artisans, the trades’ persons and the elders.
Immediately after deciding on our support, our work in earnest began and we engaged some members of the different demographics. Our findings were thus.

The intellectual class that have access to social media and information are the group with which Nentawe has most connected with at this early stages of familiarization.

The artisans and petty trades demographic are as at now mostly unreached and untapped. They constitute a large number of the individuals that need to become familiar with the vision of Dr. Nentawe.

Another interesting demographic that shows up in our findings is the denominational sections. Our team is build towards constituting facets of these denominational sections that cuts across religious beliefs.

The pertinent question is how do we get the Nentawe brand to this entire people.

Promoting the Nentawe Vision

In this regard, our intention is to focus on the various demographies with the method of promotion that they best understand.

The first demographic, that is, the intellectual class, they seem to connect more with social media promotional strategies. This therefore includes directing traffic to Dr. Nentawe’s page so they can see his ideas and how he engages on his personal space. But also by writing support articles, editorials, copies and snippets of his quotes flooding the media. This works well in creating interest in the minds of these intellectuals who like to engage with a character before they decide on their own.

It is important that most articles are not verbose or ambiguous, but rather, witty, direct, emotional and being able to connect with a wide spectrum of the intellectual class.

Some of the things that we want to avoid.

– Over-selling the vision of the candidate by going above and beyond the candidate’s own explanation of his vision.

– Maintaining a focus on promoting our candidate in spite of any counterproductive narrative by opposing campaign workers. Our way is only one way, that is the NentaWay.

The Second demography, which is the artisan and Trades group require a slightly modified approach.

Our interest is in engaging individuals of this group on a peer to peer basis, breaking down the vision of our candidate and how that will concern their interest. By aligning the interest of this demography with the vision of the candidate, the organic promotion strategy is planted. One person convinced from this group can in effect ensure that more than ten more are gotten. With this group, generic campaign and promotional strategies can still work well, entertaining jingles and short messages in the slightly more condensed language than one used by the first group.

With due time and more planning, more effective campaign and promotion strategies will be manifested by the fruitful conversations and interest of the people who share this vision of the plateau.

Our Mandate

– To offer our services and time to helping actualize your vision for the state, which also aligns with our vision.

– To contribute to the process of ensuring that this united vision is realized both in terms of campaigning to get into the position, but also in ensuring that these visions are fulfilled to give Plateau a better chance at progress.

Some Useful Slogans

– Let us try new ways to doing old things,
Let us try united progress for our state,
Let us build the people, and build the land
Let us go the NentaWay.

Arc Izang Atang Bulus


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