Why I left Lagos to Jos – Popular producer “Elmore” shares live story

Popular Producer Elmore share his reasons and story of why he left Lagos to Jos his Home City.


According to him Lagos is an amazing place, sweet structures, beautiful men an women, a land of opportunityties, however he has to leave to Jos.

Emore made this known via a post on his Facebook handle.


Some of the reasons as stated by him are due to the expensive cost of leaving in Lagos, that he also discovered that anything they do in Lagos can be done anywhere in the country.

And to round it all he came back to Jos so to build his City and no other peoples city, ” It’s not as if I can’t do the MAYOR AWARD, PITCH PERFECT NAIJA, voice and tunes n the rest in Lagos, but why will I go n build another man’s city while mine is suffering growth?”.

Read his complete post below:


“Lagos is an amazing place, sweet structures, beautiful men n women, a land of opportunities and also a land of no body…
When I was in tiny entertainment as the producer there, I was staying with the CEO in an amazing house, I was not paying for anything aside feeding my self. until I told my self the truth that staying there wasn’t why I came to Lagos and I had to work towards leaving his house n in which I did.
I prayed, fasted, and was so careful never to get into trouble throughout my stay, though it wasn’t easy, I remember how I stayed hungry sometimes so I could be able to send money home, or even buy equipments.
Well to cut the long story short, when I was with tiny it wasn’t easy at all, no salary, no food, omoh I suffer die, but a lot of producers wished they were in my shoes (lol never try to be in that shoe cause ehn, u go Dey cry daily). Ycee advised me to leave cause he was gone leave too n all of us knew as it was, so I was desperate to leave too. I was the first person Ycee told he wanted to leave the company, I tried to advice him but he have his balls rolling already n that was when he went to the UK n promised to let me know when ever he’s in town.
I now met one jos guy (names will held), I asked if I could stay with him, he said yes but I must pay, i asked how much n he said 100k, so I begged him for 80k n he agreed, if I tell you where the place Dey ba, u go help me cry, but I sha paid n stayed cause who shit Dey worry no Dey know dirty toilet.
I stayed there n was getting some jobs from abroad through Ycee, (God alone will bless that Ycee guy) I raised some good money n I rented a house on the island (lekki), I spent millions to pay for rent, buy equipments and to buy furnitures. The Jos guy that made me pay 80k followed me n paid me nothing cause the place he was wasn’t even his space at first n I didn’t even know. So he followed me to my new place, I won’t even collect money from him even if he wanted to. I had to send him away, he was bringing too many girls to the house up n down n I ended up sleeping in the sitting room everyday, me n my rent o. His girls talks to me anyhow, only God knew what he told them, so I travelled to jos n took my keys n warned him never to break my door if not I go get problem with am.
Now, why I left Lagos.

  1. Rent in Lagos is so expensive n me come Dey stay for island, which makes it more expensive. I was told if I stay on the island I will meet a lot of big shots, which is true. But meeting them Changed nothing though.
  2. I was in Lagos n no artiste came to work with me at my place but I was working every day… from mixing tracks for people I don’t know or see, to making beats for people I don’t know or see. (Why spend that kinda money on rent when the artistes don’t care where I stay)?
  3. Food is too expensive on the island, I love to eat well, so I spend over 4k on a meals per day n sometimes more, only on my self o so 4,000 multiplied by 31 days is 124,000 naira, I don’t have time to cook cause I’m always busy with work. The only time I leave my house is either I’m going to church or I’m going for shopping, I’m always indoors, in fact my landlord asked me if I was a yahoo Boi.
  4. I always had a dream of having a live band, big studio I could be doing live rehearsals n live recordings n all. I can’t achieve that in Lagos cause I can’t pay for that kinda space.
  5. I discovered that anything they do in Lagos can be done anywhere in the country, it must not be Lagos. But who will do it in my own state if I’m still in Lagos?
  6. I asked my self one day, I said all the works I do In Lagos that doesn’t even allow me go out, what if I fall n die of stress, who will take my dead body back to jos? Will I be buried there n all? I asked my self a lot of questions n I said no I needed to move.
  7. Lagos girls are like witches lol, u have a house of ur own then boom they wanna marry u kenan fa. I gave my self sense n proposed to a jos babe.
  8. Anytime I’m Coming to visit I pay a 2 way flight, if my gf at that time before she turned into my wife now wants to visit I do same tickets 2 ways, mehn that’s so much money n all.
  9. It’s not as if I can’t do the MAYOR AWARD, PITCH PERFECT NAIJA, voice and tunes n the rest in Lagos, but why will I go n build another man’s city while mine is suffering growth?
  10. I taught when ever I enter Lagos I done blow, but na. I suffered, I mean I suffer well well well. I was on my own when tiny entertainment called me, I didn’t hustle them, but it was just that the deal didn’t favor any of us.

U can make it from anywhere u are, I make more money n save more money in jos, cause I wasn’t spending too much like Lagos n all
That. As I’m writing this now I Dey Lagos like this, went to work n not to stay though, and also to learn some more out of the show bizz from label owners n managers.
To blow now no be my shows o, most new acts like oxlade, omalay n the rest now blew during the lockdown so them no Go shows, but them blow. Gone are the days u have to go to Alaba to sell ur song, now all u need is a good song n some Good money plus JESUS to help u blow, u can blow from home.
May God bless u anywhere u are.



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