PLASU SUG Plead with ASUU to end their ongoing strike in the interest of students.

The leadership of Students Union Government (SUG) of Plateau State University, Bokkos and NAPS had met with ASUU officials on Monday 8th, February to plead with them to suspend the ongoing strike in the interest of students considering the state of things in the nation and world.

ASUU in the same vein, appreciated the leadership of the students and promised readiness to call off the strike any time government improves on their demand.


ASUU also stated that the negotiation has been fruitful and discussion is at an advance stage.

The speech read;


“We have reached an agreement with government on all other demands except that of our Earn Allowance. We are demanding that government should pay 204 Million Naira for our Earn Allowance and the state government has offered 54million which will cater for our Earn Allowance for four years. the government also asure us that they will complete the rest of the payment next year February which our Union insisted is not enough for us to call off the strike”.

However, government has also met with ASUU offocials yesterday and pleaded with Union to consider their offer and sign the Memorandum of Understanding to end the strike considering the demands of other unions in the university that also need urgent financial commitment.

Recalled that SANU, NASU and NAAT has presented letters to the state government demanding payment of earn allowance.


The SUG President Comr. Ezekiel Lautei Pleaded with ASUU to consider the students and suspend the ongoing strike saying it is difficult to fight and win all the Blows.

He said:

“By this, the leadership of students want to make categorically clear that, it is difficult to go for a fight and expect to win all the blows.
Consequently, ASUU should consider our plea and end their industrial action as one can’t be for the system and be against it, keeping the students home do them More harm than good.
We want to also acknowledge that government have not done enough in seen to the plight of ASUU but rather compromise”
The students union body said.


SUG further asserts: “Finally, if the leadership of ASUU have the students at heart, they should emulate Local Government Workers and come out en mass to protest while we cue behind them in solidarity” the Students Union body concluded.


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