NDLEA Associates with Shartell, The Point Hotels and Shartell Villa To combat illicit drug abuse in hotels

The Plateau State Command of The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has partnered with Shartell, The Point Hotels and Shartell Villa to sensitize its staff on the dangers of drug abuse and trafficking and how to combat illicit drug abuse in hotels.

This Interactive session was held at the prestigious Shartell Hotels Rayfield, Jos Plateau State.


NDLEA has been working effectively in combating illicit drug abuse in Plateau State and Nigeria at large through War Against Drug Abuse (WADA). Recall that WADA is an initiative that was founded by President Muhammadu Buhari on the 26th of June 2021. This initiative is calling on all major stakeholders in society to come together and fight this drug menace because the Agency cannot do it alone.

Hoteliers as part of the major Stakeholders are encouraged to be sensitized in other to identify illicit drug substances around the hotel premises and also let the Guests/Customers know that The Serene environment is not habitable for their illicit drug dealing/consumption.


While Sensitizing the Hoteliers, Mrs. Grace who is the Deputy Commander in charge of Sensitization for the Enforcement Agency Stated that The Unit has a mandate of sensitizing the populace on the danger of drugs, and then rehabilitating drug-dependent persons so that they will integrate back into society.

Mrs. Grace listed dangerous and hard drugs including Cocaine, Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Tramadol, Hexol, Heroin, and marijuana among others.

“Understanding the Intensity of Drug Menace, nobody is left out of it. Everybody is affected in the society. It is very important for the staff of hotels to know that most of these drug traffickers relax in hotels. Therefore, it is better to know these drugs so that you can identify them, and know the sign and symptoms of people taking drugs in other to get rid of them before they escalate to a severe case that will lead the Agency to find the staff and the hotel wanting”.


She added that little quantity of planted Marijuana means one is cultivating it, therefore it will lead to 15 years – Life imprisonment and also to seal the hotel.

“Most of these drugs are useful to the body if it is been prescribed by a medical doctor. But if any individual takes it without a prescription, that is when it will become addictive and the body’s system will require more. At the end of the day, they will seek help”.

While speaking, Mrs. Grace Advice the hoteliers to Join any Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) who are capable of fighting drug abuse to help in sensitizing and that will suffice.


She disclosed that there is a high level of illicit drug consumption in Plateau state. She said Cocaine was only seen in movies then, but now in Plateau, They have raided individuals in possession.

The Manager of Shartell Villa, Mr. Jacob C. Gyang questioned the Enforcement agency that most people breaking the law are law enforcement agencies, therefore What if we found out that the people that are breaking the law by using drugs are also part of your system?

In response to Mr. Gyang’s Question, Mrs. Grace replied that the fact that one is a security personnel doesn’t mean he/she is not a human, there are so many security people that are found capable. She advised that they should report such act to NDLEA. She stressed that those security people also need help due to addiction problems. The agency brought out a circular about such. If officers are having issues like this, they should go to the counseling department but the situation whereby the officer is selling illicit drugs will lead to dismissal.


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