Mikang council boss lauds Gov Mutfwang’s giant strides in Plateau

By Golok Nanmwa, Jos

The Chairman Mikang Local Government Council of Plateau state , Hon Daniel Kungmi has commended Governor Caleb Mufwang over the eventful one year of his administration.


Kungmi added that the one year anniversary of the governor was a significant period of growth, development, and visionary leadership.

He commended the current administration in Plateau for prioritizing grassroots development, citing Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s commitment to alleviating poverty and fostering inclusive growth.


Speaking to Journalist at his residence in Jos , he said“The relentless commitment of Governor Mutfwang to the prosperity of Plateau State has been evident through his various initiatives and policies aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all citizens.”

“Gov Mutfwang has done so well, look at way he is boosting the transportation sector. “

” Despite the legal tussle, the Caleb Mutfwang led administration had to battle with,he successfully cleared the backlog of salaries and allowances owed to our diligent civil servants there by fostering a more harmonious relationship with workers in the state . “


” Governor Mutfwang has provided transparent and accountable leadership and this has paved the way for tangible progress in infrastructure development, in healthcare provision, educational reform, agricultural enhancement, and power generation. “

“Over the past year, Governor Mutfwang has demonstrated exceptional leadership by promoting economic growth through policies that have stimulated local businesses, attracted investments, and fostered economic diversification. “

“These measures have not only boosted the state’s economy but have also created job opportunities, thereby reducing unemployment rates and improving living standards.”


The construction and renovation of critical infrastructure, including roads have significantly enhanced accessibility and service delivery, contributing to the overall well-being of the citizens.

“The Support in the agricultural sector which is the backbone of our economy, through innovative techniques and providing farmers with necessary resources would increase agricultural productivity, and guaranteed the food security of Plateau state.”

“The achievements of the past year under Governor Mutfwang’s administration are a testament to his dedication and effective governance.

He has not only laid a strong foundation for continued progress but has also inspired confidence in the future of Plateau.”

Daniel Kungmi also said his administration in Mikang Local government is determined to provide massive dividends of democracy to rural dwellers.

He said “we are currently carrying out projects that would tackle poverty and boost development in Mikang local government council. “


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