is Human microbes org legit?

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Are you having trouble finding reliable links to verify the authenticity of’s claims? This article will help you to find the most recent information about this organization, which is popular in the United States.


In this posts on Human microbes org, I’m going to explain what they do, how they work and go over some of the potential issues you must be aware of.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Human microbes org. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

what is microbes org??

Founded by Michael Harrop in 2020, Human Microbes is a stool donor network currently focused on the USA and Canada, but accepting donors from other countries, and willing to do global dry ice shipping if possible. Human Microbes is run by individuals and professionals interested in the microbiome and its implications in health & well-being.


Our focus is on finding the quality of donor we think will be highly effective as a treatment for most people/conditions. At the same time, we hope to keep FMT affordable since many people who need FMT have had chronic disease for many years, are unable to work, and may have already spent a lot of money on doctors & treatments. We may open up for donations in order to provide high quality FMT for these people.

 is Human microbes org legit?

Michael is motivated by both his own poor health history, as well as the poor health of the vast majority of people in modern society. He has written many articles and analyses on the microbiome, FMT, and human health & development. Michael is also the creator of – the world’s most comprehensive, up to date database on microbiome research, used by both professionals and laypeople.


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Due to their uniqueness, many topics and websites are in high demand online. As diverse viewpoints are discussed, a lot of other topics also come up. This article will answer the question: Are Human Microbes Legit.

This organization networks stool donors currently working in the USA and Canada but accepts stool donors from around the world. They will compensate you for your gift and allow you to transmit your sample by freezing it in dry ice, but the donor must be in good health.

This organization was founded by Michael Harrop, who wanted to use the microbes in poop to improve everyone’s health in light of his own and others’ poor health. Their attention is on the caliber of donors for therapeutic purposes, keeping FMT reasonably priced given the money they have previously invested.

is Human microbes org legit

is Human microbes org legit/? The main query is if the charity to which you are donating your stool is trustworthy or merely a con. With all the information about the founder and how the website functions, it appears to be an authentic website. To be certain, let’s explore a little further. after our review er can tell you this site is legit and relaible for now, however, things might change but however, for now its very ok real and legit.

Below are some findinsg of our reviews and things that makes us bank that they are legit and rea.

Product caliber: After completing screening exams, they assert that they are high caliber donors. By thoroughly outlining to recipients how and where they will obtain microbiomes to enhance their health and offer fitness, recipients are ensured.

Website Quality: The website seems to be highly organized. Let us investigate the details of the website.

The founder did the registry on August 14, 2020.

The website will expire on August 14, 2025.

The scam detector shows a trust score of 92/100, which explains its authenticity.

The website uses a valid HTTPS connection.

Founder: The website’s founder is Michael Harrop, who himself was suffering from poor health and found how microbes could boost the immune system. He then develops this networking system to help those suffering from health issues.

Contact and Address: They have provided a form that helps to fill out all the details, and you can contact them via email with the condition.


Shipping: You can send your poop sample worldwide, and the recipient will pay the shipping charges for dry ice. You must send the piece carefully. They will send all the orders and payments to the donor. You will get $500 per stool donation and dry ice shipping charges.

Customer Reviews on is Human microbes org legit

is Human microbes org legitCustomer testimonials on other websites demonstrate that they received paid following a stool donation. Due to the use of healthy feces microbiomes, patients appear delighted with the therapy method. Before choosing a donor, thousands of people are vetted because the recipient’s life is at stake. Eczema was a person’s problem, and they were paying for pricey therapy. Later, he learned about this network and began employing these bacteria, which caused eczema to completely vanish from her life.

with all the above reviews it left fot you to decide weather to do busines with them or not, this just our opinion and view of the website.

 is Human microbes org legit?

Read the below which is statement of how to be a recipient or donor on the site, the below is a direct copy on the site. may be it may help answering you on is Human microbes org legit?

“Our mission was started up in large part due to a lack of high quality donor availability. All other sources, including worldwide clinics, stool banks, hospitals & doctors, and clinical trials, all had/have severe deficiencies in donor standards and most refuse to give proof of donor quality.

Our primary goal is to increase the quality and availability of stool donors.

We are focused on the USA and Canada, but are accepting donors from other countries, and willing to do global dry ice shipping if possible.

Screening & selection

All donors go through a detailed questionnaire, then stool type verification & physical fitness verification, then a video interview, then blood & stool testing according to a mixture of the EU guidelines and International guidelines.

Our standards go above and beyond all other current standards. However, recipients can also have a choice in the matter regarding what level of donor quality they want.

As of August 2021 we’ve screened over 23,000 donor applicants. There are fewer than 5 that we’d recommend for things other than C. diff.

Tracking results

We will attempt to track donor results and share those results with recipients in order for recipients to make more informed decisions about risks vs rewards. We cannot do this without participation from recipients, including detailed recipient experience reports.


Currently there is no relation between how much FMT costs and the quality of the procedure & donor. Donor quality is by far the most important factor, yet most sources of FMT have neither the knowledge, insight, nor motivation to acquire truly high quality donors.

Most sources of FMT are charging thousands of dollars for anywhere from 1 to 10 FMTs. Our goal is to make high quality donors available for everyone.

We started off charging only $80 per stool sample, plus dry ice shipping. However, after screening 6000+ donor applicants and getting none that met our criteria it was strongly recommended to raise prices in order to attract higher quality donors, so we doubled the costs to $150+ per stool sample. After screening 26,000 donor applicants and still not having the quality of donor we need, we raised prices again.
Current prices are $1,000 per stool sample, which is split into 10 pieces. So around $100 per enema or upper dose. Capsules are currently $10 each.

If you are poor we will accept various documentation for means testing, and we may open up for donations.

The availability & costs of capsules, infusions, and direct/local contact will depend on the donor.

It is fairly simple for recipients to make their own capsules and infusions. Directions.

By default, the stool samples are split up into multiple pieces prior to freezing. So each piece can be defrosted individually, and used for an enema or capsules. How many pieces varies on the size of the stool. But even the smaller ones can be used for daily FMTs for 1+ weeks.

For now we are not offering direct/local contact for most situations, but if you have a specific need/offer feel free to contact us.

Becoming a stool donor

  1. Complete the screening questionnaire.
  2. Complete verification of stool type and physical fitness.
  3. A video interview.
  4. Stool and blood testing. Paid for by us or the recipient of the stool donation.
  5. Get paid $500 per stool donation. If you’re having a bowel movement every day it can total $180,000 per year.

Most recipients will probably be ordering stool via dry ice shipping. The costs of which will be covered by them.

Donors are prepaid for everything. We receive the order and payment from the recipient, then pass it on to the donor, the donor then prepares it and ships it out.

By default, we also keep donors completely anonymous from recipients, in order to maintain your privacy.

Our mission, and why you should sign up to be a donor:

Chronic disease and general poor health have been drastically increasing over the past decades to the point where the vast majority of the population is now extremely unhealthy. It goes well beyond a single generation being a little overweight due to eating too much. It is an exponentially worsening crisis with each generation, in large part due to the loss of our host-native microbes that get passed down generationally [1-5].

This not only leads to a large amount of suffering and death for adults and children, but it also has drastic societal detriments when the vast majority of people are poorly functioning.

The recent microbiome research discoveries have given hope of addressing these major problems [6-8]. But in order to do so, we need the tiny 0.1% of people who are still healthy enough to qualify as a high quality stool donor to sign up and start donating their stool.

While many other operations have a primary financial motivation, our motivation is fixing people and fixing society. We aim to find the fewer than 0.1% of people who qualify, and connect them with doctors, researchers, hospitals, clinical trials, and individuals.

You can choose if you want to make daily donations, or if you are too busy, to wait only for a large clinical trial. After screening 26,000 donor applicants and still not getting the quality of donor we’re looking for, we’ve increased our prices and payouts to $500 per stool sample ($180,000/yr). But if that is not sufficient payment for your time, you are able to set whatever price you would like. We cannot solve this problem without you.

What are the basic qualifications?

Donors must be in exceptional physical and mental health. Ideally, top young athletes.

  • Ideally donors would be under 30 years old. Donors can be under 18 provided they have signed consent from their parents. Many children need FMT, and we’d like to match those children with young donors.
  • Donors should have minimal antibiotic use.
  • A specific Bristol Stool Type.”

is Human microbes org legit: Conclusion

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