International Women’s Day: HOTCOAL BASKETBALL CLUB lays emphasis on advocacy for women participation in Basket Ball



Carl James:

“In the world of Basketball, Gender Equity and Social Inclusion is a very sensitive area.


In this regard, one of our mandates as Hotcoal basketball is to support all young people throughout the Basketball community in Nigeria, in realizing the future they want, HOTCOAL is committed to advancing social inclusion using BASKET BALL as an effect and organic tool.
It is our sole responsibility to break down barriers limiting a girl’s chances to thrive and work to drive equal access and equal outcomes in the society at large.

I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with the Basket Ball term ” free throw”, yes? Let’s go deeper,stay with me.

We have a program-project geared towards Social Inclusion, Gender Equality , and Overall Balance as a sports man or woman. This Project and Program is called “F.R.I.T.R.O”.


The F.R.I.T.R.O methodology basically relies on self assessment and development to a very functional before launching fully to impact and drive the Dynamics of the society and world as whole.

Under this project we have , mentorship programs, accelerator Programs , boot camps, friendly matches, The Business of Basketball, and most importantly,The future of Basketball and the BasketBaller. We are very intentional about growth and structure as it paves the pathway to an ecosystem that would build and support Generations.

We DO NOT see this as a gender specific role, this role is for us all. Women ,Men and Basketball.


“Youth are not a homogenous group, and every single young person deserves opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive irrespective of Gender. Hotcoal Basketball prioritizes diverse voices and social inclusion to ensure they can realize their potential, which in turn makes the world a more just and equitable place for all of us.”

On behalf of our Founder/Director, and the entire HotCoal Basketball Club, we wish all women, girls around the world, A very spirited International Women’s Day, we pray our plans today, will be sustainable tomorrow”.

Onehotcoal #Onebasketball
Yours inspired,
Carl James
For HotCoal Basketball Club ?
Raising Global Giants!


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