Dr. Mohammed Dahiru is an individual that I had the rare privilege of meeting in person and having a little chat with sometimes last year. He was so calm and gentle that I couldn’t believe that a personality like him would be this easy going. I was surprised by his kind of person because he is indeed an extraordinary man whom I have been
following closely.

I strongly believe it is necessary to let Nigerians know about this Man, who has and is still playing a huge role in shaping the future of our country and restoring our economical prowess in Africa and the world. He is a man of integrity, a technocrat and a leader who does not give anyone room for long and unnecessary guesses as his actions and committed leadership would provide evidence too sharp to be blurred by any cynicism.


MOHAMMED DAHIRU, PhD born 9th August 1973 in Plateau State is
an accomplished finance and international trade expert who served at several strategic management positions in the banking sector.

A Visionary Business Leader and accomplished Senior Management
Professional, with over 2 decades of successful multifaceted experience in the financial services and the public-private partnership sectors.


He sits on the boards of several companies within and outside Nigeria
and serves as consultant to several multinational companies operating
in Nigeria. He is a Fellow, Chartered Institute of Loans and Risk Management in
Nigeria, and also Chartered Institute of Forensics and Certified Fraud
Examiners of Nigeria

Dr. Dahiru’s competency and wisdom is why the Director General of Tinubu/Shettima Campaign Council, Former governor of Plateau State and current Minister Labour and employment, Mr Simon Lalong quickly brought him on board as part of his crucial cabinet to execute the daunting task of ensuring President Bola Ahmed Tinubu emerges
in the Presidential election.

Dr. Dahiru of course set things rolling by
initiating the Northern Business Group as the Convener to Promote
the Tinubu/Shettima candidacy. The group recorded huge success in promoting President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Dr. Dahiru was once again called upon to be among the team who drafted the final copy of the renewed hope action plan of Bola Ahmed Tinubu which is the current plan embarked on by the Presidency to restore our country back to its glory days.


In his struggles for the betterment of this nation even before the elections, Patriotic and passionate about National Pride Dr Muhammed currently holds the positions of Chairman, Presidential Implementation Committee on Transfer of Technology, and Chairman, Nigeria- Czech Republic Trade and Investment Council.

All these are developments Dr. Dahiru single handedly championed just to bring the much desired development our country requires. Dr. Dahiru is a man that likes his privacy and doesn’t like speaking much
about his capability, but I apologize to him for showcasing this to Nigerians. I believe our country is currently at a critical time that we Nigerians must identify credible Nigerians and rally behind them, push
them forward and ensure that their wisdom is shared and put into practice to salvage our country.

This is exactly what I am doing by
bringing Dr. Mohammed Dahiru to the face of Nigerians so that we as Nigerians will see the need why he must not remain in the sideline but be a key player as it is paramount to the development of this country and the success of this administration. Dr. Mahamdu Dahiru, Nigerians need you, your country needs you and I hope you will accept a more pivotal role in this administration


when called upon as only with people like you, that our journey towards the Nigeria of our dreams is possible.

Written by, Abubakar Suleiman Ogah


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