Don t starve recipes : 15 Best Crock Pot Recipes

Don t starve recipes : are you a player of Don’t starve and want to know more about Don t starve recipes? Then welcome to our blog, continue reading.

In this post we explain step by step and indepth reports about Don t starve recipes , now relax and enjoy the piece as we taking you wrong the fun game., we will start with giving you a background knowledge of Don’t starve game before diving into the game proper.


Players in Don’t Starve Together must control their appetite in order to survive. These are the top food sources.

These are the finest recipes to be familiar with while using the Crock Pot in Don’t Starve.


Now let start proper…..

What is Don t starve recipes ?

Don t starve recipes: Dont starve is  an amazing  quirky survival game that places players in a hostile wilderness where the title is their only instruction. The game can be played alone or with friends, and each time a player dies they will gain experience for unlocking new characters to use in future games.

One of the most useful items in the game is the Crock Pot which allows players to turn food into meals that can restore hunger points, HP, or Sanity. Meals are often much more powerful than their individual ingredients and also take much longer to expire, making it possible to always save them for a rainy day if needed.


Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment is a very good game. This Tim Burton-inspired survival game was first launched in 2013, and it features a cutesy macabre design, a surprising amount of depth, and some amazing soundtrack. Don’t Starve is undoubtedly for you if you enjoy carefully unraveling a game’s complexities and progressively getting better at it.

But it’s also incredibly challenging and hostile to novice players. You will need to quickly grasp fundamental ideas like feeding your character. This is where our helpful guide on the Crock Pot, one of the player’s most important tools, comes in. Let’s look at ten of the essential game recipes.

Don’t Starve is one of the best survival games available, therefore anyone who enjoys playing them is sure to have played it. And the reason for that is because Klei Entertainment made a distinct survival game that immerses players in a harsh environment that can either make or break them.


Chris Littlechild’s April 14th, 2020 update Now, as we’ve already mentioned, Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together are difficult games. They’re games that provide the player with all of the survival tools they’ll need, but they don’t really explain how to utilize them effectively. Individual preferences and playing styles are also very important. In light of this, we’ve made the decision to update and grow our collection of suggested recipes.

Depending on the circumstances, some of these recipes may not be the finest ones you can make in a Crock Pot, but they will all come in handy occasionally and improve your Don’t Starve skills if you keep them in your repertory.

How to Don t starve recipes ?

Don t starve recipes

Don t starve recipes: Here is a list of all the recipes for Crock Pots. In this game, there are a lot of crock pot recipes that aren’t particularly useful because they make you feel less hungry than eating the ingredients separately. As a result, this guide is a compilation of all the recipes for crock pots, arranged according to how effective they are. Check them out we presented them using descending order.


Meaty Stew

You can immediately see how useful Meaty Stew can be. When consumed, it gives an incredible 150 points of hunger, which is pretty much a guarantee that one meal will fill you up!

To make it, you must add meats to the pot until the total meat value is at least 3. (general meats, but only a maximum of one Monster Meat).

The problem is that early in the game, these components won’t always be easy to come by, making it difficult to get the most out of Meaty Stew. After all, some characters don’t even reach 150 Hunger, rendering it ineffective. You should use it on a character who has a high maximum hunger threshold, ideally right after they wake up, for the greatest benefit.



Meatballs are another fantastic dish to aim for if you have a bit less meat and a little extra filler (Berries or the like) laying around. Meatballs can be made quickly and are less likely to waste their benefits than Meaty Stew because they only restore 62.5 points of Hunger, which is less than half of what it takes Meaty Stew to achieve.

Simply add ingredients to your Crock Pot that have a combined meat value of less than 3.0 to make meatballs. This often denotes at least one piece of meat. This is a practical approach to turn the Monster Meat you have lying around into a food source since it would otherwise be basically useless.


Honey Ham

As of now, it appears that most Don’t Starve characters eat a lot of meat-based foods (particularly Winifred, of course, who is unable to eat anything else). These foods are excellent for a character’s stats when it comes to all-around effective eating. The same is true of Honey Ham.

This delectable dish is created by combining ingredients with a Meat Value of 2 or above with honey. Along with a modest Sanity increase of 5, it also recovers a good quantity of Health (30) and Hunger (75). Additionally, it provides a brief temperature rise in the DLC content, which might be extremely useful in an emergency. However, Honey Ham has one disadvantage—a it’s little more “specialized” than your standard meatballs.

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Trail Mix

In the actual world, trail mix isn’t typically seen of as being particularly healthful. It’s more about delicious convenience—a mix of nuts, seeds, and other things you can have whenever you need to.

It’s equally practical in Don’t Starve’s difficult and unforgiving reality. It can be produced with just two fruit items—berries, for example—and a birchnut. It will restore a respectable amount of Health (30) for how “cheap” it is, with more value than you’d get from these three things alone, when you need a fast pick-me-up after a combat. However, it doesn’t provide you a lot of health, and it won’t make much of a difference in your hunger or sanity either.



It can be difficult to work with melonsicles. This is primarily due to the fact that they are a completely unique type of food item, unlike any that less skilled players will be accustomed to laying out. Since the Melonsicle needs uncooked watermelon (1 or more), 1 twig, and 1 piece of ice to make it, meat cannot be utilized in this situation. Due to Ice’s potential as an extremely valuable resource, that final element may be problematic.

What makes this odd recipe so fantastic? As expected, it provides a cooling effect that can be lifesaving and also increases the player’s sanity by 20. (a very high value).


Dragon Pie

There are no dragons in the game, despite how large and terrifying some of the inhabitants of Don’t Starve are. For this next recipe, you simply need to be concerned about slaying a Dragon Fruit.

Similar to how Meatballs are prepared, Dragon Pie calls for at least one Dragon Fruit and a variety of filler ingredients—none of which can be meat of any kind or the meal will end up being meat-based.

This filling supper is valuable and adaptable because it will replenish 75 Hunger and 40 Health. The player will also receive a momentary temperature increase in the DLC packs Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked, which can save your life in dire circumstances.



Jerky is a really durable beef product, even in the real world. It has a longer life expectancy than the Sun itself just by virtue of being jerky. One of the main benefits of Don’t Starve’s Jerky is that its rate of spoiling is extremely low.

The player only needs some Meat and a Drying Rack to make it. It will last for 20 in-game days unless it is left on the rack, at which point it will never expire. This makes it a very hassle-free food item that delivers strong all-around restoration (15 points of Sanity, 25 points of Hunger, and 20 points of Health), however you should choose something else if you require a bigger boost to a particular stat.



The news that the extremely sticky Taffy is also a very practical recipe in the realm of Don’t Starve will please those of us who enjoy sweets.

It’s only worth a pitiful 25 points in terms of Hunger, which is not very much. Sure, that comes in handy in a pinch, but as we’ve seen, other meals offer much more in a single meal. The primary selling point of Taffy is its 15-point Sanity Restoration (three times more than a lot of dishes).

In order to create taffy in a crock pot, three honey and a filling are needed (a Twig usually being the most convenient). However, avoid adding meat because that will only produce Honey Nuggets.


Ice Cream

is a far better place to live than the world of Don’t Starve. You know, with all the mystical threats, ferocious hairy Beefalo, and demonic animals that lurk in every Don’t Starve environment.

However, in this game, sweets are actually pretty healthful. Taffy is fairly tasty, but the Reign of Giants DLC also added Ice Cream, which can be made in the Crock Pot.

It’s difficult to make because it needs at least one dairy product, one ice cube, and one sweetener (plus fruits or other filling), and it doesn’t do much to quell hunger (a middling 25 points). Ice cream is primarily used to restore sanity.



One of the most important things for a rookie Don’t Starve player to master is resource management. You’ll start out picking up all kinds of strange objects without really knowing how to use them.

This is crucial in relation to the Crock Pot. You must choose wisely because some meals yield comparable effects but demand far more expensive resources. Fishsticks are one dish that doesn’t cost much (at least 0.5 Fishes and 1 Twig) but produces excellent results.

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37.5 Hunger is about average, but this recipe’s actual worth is in its ability to cure. For such a quick and simple meal, 40 health is great.



I’ve always considered guacamole to be a really divisive food in the real world. Some people adore this avocado-based dip and spread it liberally on everything, but others won’t even touch it.

But you can’t really question people’s tastes; they are their own. Guacamole, on the other hand, really does come in useful in Don’t Starve.

It can be made with just one Moleworm and one Cactus Flesh and is a good all-arounder. It grants your character 20 Health and 37.5 Hunger but has no effect on their sanity. The important thing about it is that you can set up your environment so that Moleworms are always close to Cactus, allowing you to maintain a good supply of it, as the always-useful Don’t Starve Wiki points out..

Don t starve recipes


Butter Muffin

Let’s take a break from all the savory for a moment and indulge in another sweet dish because we’ve already looked at quite a few major courses. But as we indulge in yet another dessert, it would be best not to dwell too much on those unlucky butterflies.

The ingredients for the Butter Muffin are pretty straightforward: 1 vegetable, 1 or more butterfly wings, or, as the Don’t Starve Wiki notes, moon moth wings from Don’t Starve Together. Another dish that conveniently boosts all three stats is this one: 20 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 5 Sanity. In a pinch, you can usually find both items nearby your center of operations.


Bacon And Eggs

That enduring morning favorite, ah, sure. Few pairings are quite as ideal as bacon and eggs. Unless we’re discussing chocolate and peanut butter (don’t even THINK about @ing me on this). Which we are not, so let’s put it out of our minds.

Again, bacon and eggs are far from being a superfood in our modern society, but they are amazing in the video game Don’t Starve. For your trouble, you’ll receive a powerful 75 Hunger and 20 HP by combining Meats with a Meat value of above 1.5 and Eggs with a value of above 2.0. (with a little boost to Sanity).

Another benefit is that this meal keeps well before going bad (20 days).


Turkey Dinner

The annoying gobbler, which keeps appearing and attempting to steal berries from bushes, is another problem that novice players will experience. Thankfully, eating a turkey dinner and getting even are both quite sweet.

This is one of those recipes that, although not ideal in any particular circumstance, is still helpful generally and gives you some nice bonuses. It doesn’t call for any specialized tools, like a bird cage. Two Drumsticks, a Morsel or stray Monster Meat, plus a filler like Berries are all you’ll need.

A turkey dinner will provide you 75 Hunger, 20 Health, and, in a pinch, some very temporary insulation from the cold.


Banana Pop

Don’t enquire as to why a frozen banana on a stick needs to be “cooked” in a Crock Pot. Simply putting its fingers in its ears, Don’t Starve will sing, “Lalalalalala, I can’t hear you.”

The final recipe is really easy to make and was included with the Shipwrecked DLC. All you need is a banana, a twig, some ice, and a handy vegetarian filler (make that another Twig or Banana, as the Crock Pot always needs to contain four items to work).

This dish, as is typical with Shipwrecked, grants you very high Sanity restoration (33), respectable Health (20), and a small amount of Hunger (12.5). It also temporarily lowers your character’s temperature by 40 degrees in keeping with the spirit of the dish.

Don t starve recipes

More information from theie official website on how to achieve ‘Don t starve recipes ‘


Bonus Points

A crock pot dish must give more than the ingredients sacrificed to make it, and ideally be better than other dishes in some way. This can become irrelevant in times of extreme abundance, but it can be helpful in some situations to know the value of crock pot recipes.

The Hunger, Health, and Sanity gained from eating a crock pot dish, that you wouldn’t have otherwise gained from eating the ingredients individually, can be regarded as the Bonus Points.


A meatballs recipe (62.5 hunger points) consisting of four morsels (50 hunger points) gives 12.5 bonus hunger points.

A meatballs recipe consisting of three carrots and a large meat (62.5 hunger points) does not give any bonus hunger points.

A meatballs recipe consisting of three red caps and a monster meat (0 hunger points without a birdcage) gives 62.5 bonus hunger points.

A fist full of jam recipe (37.5 hunger points) consisting of 4 berries (50 points when roasted) deducts 12.5 hunger points from the ingredients. Not worth it unless the berries are spoiled.

This method can also be applied to the health and sanity gain of recipes.


Efficiency is a concept that only really matters in times of extreme scarcity (usually with modified game settings or in Adventure Mode maps).

Your ability to make recipes, and thus, ability to make bonus points, depends on having enough of the right ingredients to continue doing so. If you have less of a certain ingredient than others, it becomes important to spend it wisely to obtain the most bonus points. Efficiency is simply a measurement of the number of bonus points you’re getting for each instance of a given ingredient. Simply take the bonus points of the recipe, and divide that number by the number of a given ingredient involved in the recipe.


Two large meats and two morsels involved in a meaty stew recipe give 75 bonus hunger points. For every meaty stew recipe of this type, you receive 37.5 bonus points for every large meat invested.

A meaty stew recipe using three large meats and a berry would give 62.5 bonus points. Every meat invested this way pulls in about 20.8 bonus points per meat.

One large meat, two morsels, and a honey as a honey ham recipe give 15.625 bonus hunger points, which is how many you gain per large meat from this recipe.

Inedible ingredients

Red caps, monster meat, and spoiled food have penalties that arguably make them inedible, while twigs simply cannot be consumed. Furthermore, Wigfrid cannot eat any non-meat/non-egg foods (there are rare exceptions to this rule, like Taffy.) Making everything else inedible outside of recipes.

These ingredients technically have a value of zero, and using these ingredients first should be a priority since they cannot be eaten. But there is an important distinction to make. You are improving the value of the ingredients, but you’re not upgrading the total payout of the dish. It still takes effort to intentionally gain these ingredients.

In addition, such ingredients can’t always be considered to have a zero points value. If the ingredient isn’t literally inedible (like twigs), it can be consumed if you’re willing to accept the penalty. Furthermore, the Birdcage can be used to convert any cooked meat or jerky into Eggs, giving them a base value of at least 12.5 hunger when the birdcage is available. Additionally, Webber can eat monster meat without any penalties.


Before starting on the recipes themselves, here’s a few basic things to know about the Crock Pot, for new players:

Check the Crock Pot page for a complete list of recipes. Pay special attention to ingredient order, since a recipe might not turn out the way you expect even if it seems you put in the correct ingredients.

High point vegetables, such as Corn, Pumpkin or Eggplant, should usually be eaten raw or cooked over a fire. You usually can’t obtain a higher total value by including these high point items in a recipe. You might even want to consider cooking and eating Durians, since the penalty can be manageable.

Don’t put more than 1 monster meat in a recipe, unless it contains at least 1 twig (excluding Kabobs). If you put 2 or more monster meats/durians in the crock pot, the recipe (almost) always comes out as Monster Lasagna, which drops health and sanity by 20 when consumed. However, monster lasagna cannot have twigs, which allows up to 2 to be included (3 makes Wet Goop). You can also feed a bird in a Birdcage cooked monster meat to receive Eggs”

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