Is Daily Trust Using JUTH as a Smoke Screen to cause Religion Crisis on the Plateau?

Reports from Daily Trust indicates that an alleges discrimination is ongoing in JUTH hospital on the basis of tribe and religion.

On the ongoing Daily Trusts Allegation on Juth


The Daily Trust reporter claimed he disguised as a patient and he also witnessed the same experience. According to him, some patients were turned back as a result of this. VPN photo journalist took time out in JUTH to catch reality of the situation in JUTH from observation many whom the reports claimed are discriminated upon are seen accessing services.

Mr. Azi Aware Peter wrote:


“I write this piece of letter not to cause any chaos or to escalate the speculations by the Daily Trust newspaper, particularly the lead story on front page of Saturday Trust.
The Story was on the alleged discrimination of Hausa/Fulani Patients in filling of forms at GOPD.

picture of a female nurse attending to a Muslim infant in juth.

In a viral video, A Nurse was seen addressing some patients and telling them about their system in JUTH that’s programmed which recognized four Ethnic Groups in Jos North.
Is that a Crime? Is Jos North a no man’s Land? Since Justice Nikki Toby’s Commission of Inquiry,it was stated clear that those Ethnic Groups are the origin of Jos North.

Coming back to JUTH,as a resident of Nukpis,the Host Community of the Hospital,since 2007 when the Hospital moved to her permanent site,come rain come sunshine,patients always troop in within and outside the state and always visit the Hospital for medical services, irrespective of their Religion,Ethnic and Political inclinations, what so many people don’t ask is that,is the hospital sending them back because they are Hausa Fulani,Muslim Or still treat them?


Is the Daily Trusts Allegation on Juth true??

picture of Jos university teaching hospital

The dimensions the whole scenario is being handled and by Daily Trust, MURIC and other religious organizations is misleading and appears as if the Hospital is denying them treatment and so many Nigerians are being misled, even today, there is a letter published by daily Trust written by one Maryam Baba Mohammed all away from London and was titled. Where is Humanity in JUTH? If Patients are being discriminated base on their state of origin, religion or tribe.

Why will Daily Trust is still publishing such letters by those that are even outside the country and do so in order to push for religion and Ethnic disharmony without getting their facts? Why not Bingham UniversityTeaching Hospital,Our Lady of Fatima, Plateau state Specialist Hospital? Which belong to ECWA,Roman Catholic Churches and state Government of Plateau state respectively if truly Plateau state or Natives want to segregate patients base on their religion or Ethnic affiliations.

All those Hospitals are giving equal treatments to patients irrespective of where they come from.
The statistics in JUTH shows that Muslims and non indigenes are more in number that visits the Hospital on daily basis to receive treatments.


Never the less,the Hospital management had since debunked the said story and the Nurse that appeared on such purported viral video through a press conference by the Hospital Acting Chief Medical Director. He further stated that,they will not rest on their oars to sanction any of their staff if found wanting in such act.

Calling on the investigation of the management staff of the Hospital is baseless and should stop forthwith. Unless there is something else Daily Trust and such Religious organizations are hiding away from the Hospitable and peaceful Citizens of Plateau State

The School of Medical Laboratory Technology that is at the same premises with the Hospital is accommodating more Muslim students than Christians or Natives of Plateau state. Daily Trust should do more thorough research and ascertained more facts about JUTH and equal treatments on the Hospitals in Plateau state and other Institutions. A part from Patients,the Hospital College of Medicine,Nursing and Students on House Manship,internships from Kano,Bauchi,Gombe,Jigawa,Taraba and all other parts of the country are residing within the Community to carry out their assignments and studies without any discrimination.

What we need now in Nigeria is peace and unity not such innuendos and inciting stories”.

Azi Aware Peter. From Nukpis, Jos North LGA of Plateau state

See Photos showing equal treatment in the Jos University Teaching Hospital:


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