Believers Love World (Christ Embassy) defrauds a Construction Company in UK

Following a series of unfortunate events, our team have garnered information and we have cause to believe that the Leadership of the BLW (Believer’s Love World), London, England a branch of the Christ Embassy Church have taken the turn for the worse as they have conducted Business with a construction company called GPLANET CONSTRUCTION LTD fraudulently, which has led to an accrued Debt of over £150,000 and counting as the days pass the issue of Christ Embassy debt scandal with G-Planet rises.

Christ Embassy debt scandal with G-Planet

Our team have perused Documents, copies of messages containing conversations, timelines and agreements of the working contract between BLW and GPLANET has indicated the bad habit and unprofessional business practice of the ZONAL pastor( Pastor Aderuja) and his representatives Mr Victor Ukuejubola and Mr Hezekiah Esedafe of the Believers Love World in London, a brand owned by the famous Christ Embassy to a building construction firm GPLANET Construction Ltd in the past 11 months and counting.


It was further gathered from a reliable source that this particular incident revealed a lot of dubious actions from the Zonal Pastor and his representatives regarding this particular transaction between Believers Love World UK Zone 2 Ltd (Christ Embassy) and GPLANET Construction Ltd.

The construction contract which was given to Gplanet Construction Ltd was to refurbish an Old Methodist Church in London from bottom up to present world class status.


Gplanet Construction wrote a letter to Believers Love World on 30th November, 2021 in furtherance to multiple communications via emails, team meetings, telephone calls and chats, referring to them to all previous communications and contracts and costings for the purpose of the construction agreement, accruals and third Party engagements.

The GPLANET construction company confirm that from February 2021 to date, They have performed their obligation under the agreements and contract between BLW UK Zone 2 Ltd and Gplanet Construction LTD. We have also seen pictures to this effect that strongly suggest massive work has been done to about 89.9% completion.

The GPLANET Construction Firm have communicated with BLW (Believers Love World) consecutively as regards the progress report and details of fixtures/replacements/Construction carried out on the allocated site,as well as all issues/concerns addressed during Construction.


Gplanet Construction put Believers Love World on notice that they have consistently breached all agreements and contracts relating to the above project, however this effort has proved futile.

It is necessary to note that the Zonal Pastor,bragged on several occasions saying, ” I have done all Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sent me to London to do,I have healed the sick, cured the blind and raised the dead making us more popular than we were except providing a befitting place of worship.”

Pastor Aderuja went further to Garner sympathy by pleading with the GPLANET Construction Ltd team to come to his rescue as he had a very tight budget to carry out this task.


After auditing the structure, the GPLANET team stated their terms of engagement as well as the Cost and Variation involved in such a herculean task primarily because of the status of the Old Methodist Building. (These buildings are usually referred to as Conservatory Building. Also, the building had been abandoned for over 10 years.

This means that, their structures allow for little or no adjustments over time. The structures are designed in a particular building design and it remains that way for the lifetime of the building. The best practice is usually maintenance of the existing structure and design)

GPLANET has also encountered legal and financial issues with her 3rd Party contractors as a result of delayed payments and closure of the site/construction equipments by Believers love World under the instruction of Pastor Aderuja.

This move has left the company accruing expenses and handicap to executing new frontiers and contracts as a result of the following:

Tied down capital and Profit by the Believers Love World on the above mentioned Construction Contract.
2.Disagreements and tainted goodwill/credibility as a result of the funds, equipment and Human resources involved in the project.

GPLANET Construction Ltd has been forced to downsize her staff strength immensely because of the backlog on salaries and unavailability of resources to run the day to day activities of the firm. Operations have been brought to an absolute halt.

It is worthy to note that, the Zonal Pastor of Believers Love World, connived with members of his staff to evade the contract signing for this project on several occasions by concocting stories of absence, a busy schedule and many more, with the regular failed promise to sign on arrival to London from all false engagements mentioned. Ladies and Gentlemen, this “signing” process never occured, he deferred it up until the project was almost at completion and GPLANET decided to halt construction to address the matters arising.

Below we have attached munches of text message conversation and the statement of fact of events, respectively:

This is a cry for help. We can only imagine the number of companies (people) who have suffered the exploitation and fraudulence at the hands of called , Church Authorities and Clergy men. We urge you to spread the word till we can get immediate audience from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as the Lead General overseer of the Church Franchise.

We are directly and indirectly, collateral damage for such actions in the short and long run. Our children, our business prospects, our friends, associates, loved ones and family. It’s a sad reality but if we do not act now, it might be too late for the business opportunities, start ups and systems we hope to build.


Join us as we fight these unfortunate events by sharing!


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