9TH MAY,2022

The liberation train, 2023 and pilot of this Formidable train Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo has picked up the Expression of interest/ Nomination forms today at Kalwa House, Yakubu Gowon Way Jos.


Statement issued by his Coordinator, though his supporter are optimistic that He is the favorite of the people in forthcoming elections

“We are heartened by the number of APC supporters, leaders, and stakeholders who have expressed strong support for liberation Train, 2023 candidacy.” We want to emphasize that he is not known for deception. He has always been fiercely loyal to his country, and his top priorities have always been Qua’an pan, Qua’an pan, and Qua’an pan.


“Though the race has officially begun, Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo has consistently been at the forefront of the contest.” He has once again demonstrated this by paying for the forms in a grand style.” the statement read.

“We urge delegates and indeed all Qua’an pan South to shun divisive narratives in the interest of the nation and choose the best for interest and progress of the party”.

“We have no doubt that our tried and trusted National Working Committee members as well as the State Working Committee members will prioritize the interests of the party and Nigeria in their activities surrounding the process that will produce the next assembly flag bearer of the APC in Qua’an pan South.”


The aspirant while addressing the press at the party office, He called on the people to ignore all forms of political turmoil before, during and after the elections, insisting that election is not a do-or-die affair but a service to humanity and this is what I stand for in Qua’an pan South.

Recently, an agog crowd stormed the street of Kwande to witness Hon. Agyo’s official acceptance to run for the Plateau State House of Assembly in 2023.

Our time to liberate Qua’an pan South has come, and only God can stop the formidable train.


Liberation, 2023.


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