By Yenmen Namu Maigari, Jos

A group running under the auspices of Qu’aan-pan Youths Vanguard for Good Governance at the weekend said it’s optimistic that aspirant under the platform of All Progressives Congress(APC) in Qua’an pan. Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo, if elected as member, Agyo will definitely deliver an uncommon leadership style and humanitarian services for the interest of the people.


“Agyo’s aspiration identifies with the heart and yearnings of every Youth and generality of progress of citizen regardless of social class, age and statues, and if given the mandate to be member, he will change the political narrative towards achieving a formidable gain for the betterment of Qua’an-pan South.”

They further urged on citizens as well as like minds to support Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo, whom have served diligently and resiliently while in the council as supervisory councillor for education and health respectively.


In a statement made issued, the pressure group led by Hon.Dadoek Niangmoeu Emmanuel, the leader of the Group, called on citizens of the Qua’an-pan South to support the aspirant, whose objective is to further revamp and improve the livelihood of our local government area.

The group further declared that there is no better candidate for the 2023 Qua’an-pan South election in Plateau than Agyo.

AGYO 2023

“Agyo has vowed to serve the people affectionately, and we have affirmation in him”


“If elected he would reclaim, redeem and restore the lost glory of Qua’an pan LGA, Particularly in legislative engagement”

“It is an undisputed fact that Hon. Agyo is extensively prepared for the job comes 2023, and we consequently bid for the support of the people of the Qua’anpan to deliver a secured, unified and well-off Qua’an-pan for all”

Consequently, Hon. Innocent Raymond Agyo was a two time former Supervisory Councillor for Agriculture and Natural Resources and Education Qua’an-pan LGC under the leadership of Hon. Isaac K Kwallu and Hon. Abdulmalik Haruna respectively, former Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Chairman Qua’an-pan LGC and Leader of Qua’an-pan Project Hon. Ernest Adna Da’a.


During his time, he has able to transform the agricultural fortune through distributions and training of farmers to improve productivity within and outside Qua’an-pan LGA. He performed excellently. Under him, education was highly prioritized, ministries and agencies were functional under his care ;he was very vocal. He is one man who believes in the principle of rule of law.


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