As political events continue to unfold, I’m sincerely glad that my first piece which was factual reached alot of people and thankfully opened the eyes of many who are discerning.

However, I have read with great trembling and utter disappointment, the rejoinder written on my previous post about Gagdi’s plan to install the next Governor of Plateau State. The rejoinder which was written by one Shabul Mazadu, a hired merchant by the Gagdi media team confirmed the truthfulness of my piece by affirming that Gagdi has a candidate and is pledging fake loyalty to Governor Lalong to endorse his Governorship candidate. The writer instead of proving me wrong ignorantly affirmed that Gagdi had identified with a particular candidate and had gone further to threaten the Ngas nation to support his second term bid or risk losing the most exalted seat of the Governor. Shabul out of sheer and crass display of ignorance also affirmed that Gagdi formed the “Plateau Legacy Group” to further satisfy his ego and aim of singlehandedly producing the next Governor by ensuring that Governor Lalong endorses Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda.


In a nutshell, the writer spoke the mind of Gagdi and his Plateau Legacy Group by affirming all my assertions and trying to shamelessly justify them.

No doubt, as over ambitious as Gagdi is, he wants to please Governor Lalong by every means to;


1: Get the APC ticket for his second term bid.

2: Make Governor Lalong to endorse Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda so that he will have a smooth sail to become the speaker of the house of Representatives.

Obviously, Gagdi has grown wings and has come to the conclusion that he can do anything he wants since he has the Governor in his arms. Laughable is the fact that for whatever reason, Gagdi will not return for second term given the fact that the people of PKK have resolved not to vote Gagdi again even if he gets through his ways with the APC ticket. As time goes on, I shall be releasing pieces as to why the people of PKK will not vote Gagdi again but will rather vote him out.


Critical questions that all Plateau people and firstly, all Plateau APC faithful must ask and answer are;

1: When has Gagdi become so powerful that he thinks he can decide who flags the APC ticket and by extention, who becomes the Governor of Plateau State?

2: Will Gagdi succeed in luring and using Lalong to endorse his Governorship candidate which will automatically lead to imposition?


3: Should Gagdi succeed in installing his own as the flag bearer of the APC, will Plateau people fold their arms and watch his candidate win the secondary election or there will be another protest vote to correct the impression just like it was in 2015?

4: Will the APC and Governor Lalong make such a mistake of endorsing Gagdi’s Governorship candidate knowing fully well that it will cost the APC or they’ll give a level playing ground to all aspirants?

5: Will Gagdi through his Plateau Legacy Group that bought form for Lalong for Senate compell Governor Lalong to endorse their candidate after they endorse him?

6: If Gagdi eventually succeeds with his plans and become the speaker, what impression will this give about Plateau given how lousy Gagdi is?

These and many more trembling questions beakons on the people of Plateau State particularly the APC.

In Shabul’s response, he emphasised on why I did not put my name on the first piece instead of proving my assertions false. However, for clarity, my refusal to pen my name on my first piece was very deliberate because my goal was to sink the message into people’s mind without necessarily putting my name. I have however decided to to pen my name to satisfy the ego of Shabul and his cohorts.

Watch out for more series as events unfold!

I’m Danjuma Maksen Moses


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