å Hon. komsol is a Resourceful and a Visionary Leader, He always know the plights of his constituents as a grassroot man, Hon. Komsol has performed 90% in terms of Projects delivery and human capital development to fulfill his campaign promises which makes him one of the best performing Reps Member on the plateau. If Voted again he can do more because he has gained experience as a first Timer.


å Hon. Komsol Love for Education for his constituency has mandated him to transformed the long neglected and underfunded educational sector to ensure quality education in our constituency. If you can recall Hon. Komsol is known as a Project man he has built and well furnished class rooms both primary, secondary schools, ICT Centre, Annual Free JAMB sponsorship, annual personal scholarship, and giveaway of Laptops to law students and more to ensure quality these not incredible? Expect more when VOKA.

√• Hon. Komsol is known as chief of Lobbying in terms of Job/employment Hon. Komsol has secured lucrative jobs to may people in different organization to his constituents…His plan is to reduce the issues of unemployment drastically to d down level when Voted again..let’s VOKA.


å Hon. Komsol as a agriculturist and labour friendly leader, he ensure compliance with all work force by Revitalized the agricultural sector. He provide the basics to the farmers such like tractors, fertilizers, water pump machines, chemicals, seedings, sprayers etc just to boost agricultural activities in our constituency.

å He has Demonstrated
Capacity and Commitment by Empowering people of his constituency in areas like COVID-19 grant, soft loan, buying and sharing of cars, motorcycles, grinding machines, sewing machines e.t.c to his constituents. let’s VOKA to see more

å Hon. Komsol as grassroot politician is also ensuring, securing Better connect and mapping more strategies to give Birth to a better image of our constituency when voted again.. but without him going back, mikang, Quanpan, shendam will loose and regret alot afterwards.lets (VOKA)


å Hon. Komsol is never a selfish leader, he rewards loyalty, motivates work force, rewards merit, diligence, and Honesty..

å Hon. Komsol as a man of integrity he has fullfiled 99.9% of his campaign promises which makes him a trustworthy Leader.

å Hon. Komsol is a Philanthropist and Humanitarian leader..He welcomes everybody and serve as an agent of help to many which he is doing it till date..


å He is a team player he always take everyone along, believes in the unity of others, seeks and listens to ideas that are fruitful for the interest of the masses.

√• He is vibrant, dynamic and full of energy he enter every nook and cranny of the constituency himself to ensure effectiveness of problem solving and developmental progress…this is the leader we need again.

å Hon. Komsol is a good listener and a consultant. He always gives time and attention to everybody who wants to see him, he is the only political office holder in history that entertain phone calls in any Hours from everyone..That makes him a Leader.

With these good and Quality Representation in just one term Hon Komsol Alphonsus Longgap deserves another Term to finish the good work. Mikang, Quan pan, Shendam
Let’s VOKA2023.

Komsol Media Team



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