2023 Election: DG, ITF ,Joseph Ari Raises Alarm, As Group Plans To Conscript Him Into Politics.

The Director General of Industrial Training Fund(ITF)has raised an alarm as some faceless group are working hard to rope him with the murky water of politics.


As he has not dreamed of aspiring for any political position either in the state ,nor at the federal level ,and those behind the mischievous story is at the infringement of their imagination hoping to cause mischief.

Chief Joseph Ari (KSM)Director General/Chief Executive Industrial Training Fund made the clarification at the press briefing 19th March,2022 held at the Nigerians Union of Journalists (Nuj) secretariat in jos, plateau state.


The former manager of the state owned Television/Radio station (PRTVC) said its very imperative to make the people of plateau ,and by extension Nigeria know that I am not behind the clamour trending on the social media that I am nursing political ambition.

He further add that he is not nursing any political ambition neither he is fronting any candidate or candidates as its been speculated by some groups on the social media ,and called the general public to disregard the write up which is the handing walk of some mischief maker try to rammed his head with Mr .president Mohammadu Buhari,who in his magnanimity appointed him the Director General of Industrial Training Fund(ITF).

He however advised those who stocked in trade of pull me down attitude to have a rethink and look for something productive to do, and stop write up of calumny before the long arm of the law caught up with them.


The statement read :

I have invested all energies in ensuring that the institution achieves the vision and aspirations of its founding fathers. Therefore, under my watch, the Industrial Training Fund has hit lofty heights, fulfilling its onerous mandate of developing the Nation’s human resource, while also partnering the Federal Government to actualize the objectives of the President Buhari Administration especially with regard to poverty reduction, job and wealth creation.

Under my leadership, the ITF has been at the forefront of instilling in Nigerians the need for the country, like other developed nations of the world, to embrace Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a real alternative to paper qualification and white-collar jobs, and the most sustainable solution to the seemingly intractable problem of unemployment and poverty.


In doing this, our efforts have received plaudits and commendations of governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Gentlemen of the press, although Warren Buffett may not have thought of my current experiences when he said “Greatness inspires envy; envy engenders spite; spite spawns lies,” his expression aptly captures what has transpired in the last few days. As journalists, some of you may perhaps, be aware of the activities of unscrupulous elements that are bent on pulling me down. What has come to my attention is that in their desperate attempts, they have printed campaign posters suggesting that I am aspiring for an elective position, and also canvassing support for the aspirations of some candidates that are vying for elective positions in our great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) in upcoming APC National Convention.

I have also been reliably informed that these disgruntled elements plot to flood the convention venue with these posters in order to breed mistrust and disharmony and thereby generate rancor for their own selfish purposes as I have never contemplated and not contemplating on vying for any elective position in the nearest future, as I am presently busy and fully engaged with the onerous responsibility of deploying the mandate of the ITF to equip Nigerians with skills for employability and entrepreneurship.

To this end, the public is therefore, advised to disregard any campaign poster to the effect that I, Sir Joseph N. Ari, is running for any elective position, or in support of the ambition of any candidate during the upcoming APC convention as it is false, unfounded and not deserving of any attention. I have, therefore, reported the matter to the security agencies for their further necessary action.

In conclusion, my advice to the mischief-makers is for them to heed the words of Rev. Fr. Evaristus Abu in his homily of Friday, 18th March, 2022: “If you do not celebrate the gifts of others; no one will celebrate yours. If you try to pull people down, you will forever remain down. None of us is cheated by God. No human being is without special gifts and abilities. God has planted a vineyard in you and He expects to see your fruits. Watch out when you begin to criticize others continuously, you may simply be playing out your envy.”


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