2021 Election: Time For Youth

Immediately after the official declaration by Plateau State Government to conduct election across the 17 LGA of the state the atmosphere, is seen to be fill with youth showing interest an readiness for the race.

Our reporter hook up in an exclusive interview with one of the Vibrant and Visionary youth Comr. YASWOT ANSELM SWEIBOK Who recently declared his Aspiration to the position of Councillorship of Piapung Ward ‘B’ in Mikang LGA.


According to Anselm his aspiration is built over along time to change the narrative and way of representatives to a more better one in the interest of the masses.

Anselm is a strong, Vibrant, Faithful and Humble Unionist that have contributed to the growth of MIKSA both at PLASU Chapter and National body at large. With a worth of experience in Politics and governance, he had held a number of local and community youth leadership, he also held a number of post while still a student at the Plateau State University, Bokkos.


He was born to the family of Mr. Yaswot Longpat of Tiengdas in Piapung District of Mikang LGA. Held his Primary school at TRCM primary school Piapung and his WEAC at Government Secondary School Piapung as well.

He is Presently a final year Student in the department of Political Science Plateau State University, Bokkos.

Anselm expressed his thought about 2021 election which he opined it should be a youth race for the future of the state because the youth are backbone of every society.


He further said:

“I have critically study the nature of representation at the grassroot and i saw a number of gaps which I felt, If given the mandate I can work towards that”.

He also encouraged other youths with samilar midset in the State to see the need to contribute their quota by joining the race an aspiring for political offices for the growth of the state an Nation.


He tagged his campaign slogan as “NMUN ‘A’ NA’AN” while responding to why he choose that he said:

” Peoplele ( Candidates) do have Godfathers and sponsorer but reverse is the case in my struggle, I have no one except God Almighty and the masses at heart.

Anselm also stress why he felt he is the best candidate for the job which he said:

” I was born, school and brought up in the village so I knew all the problems we are facing and I have also keenly study the nature of governance an came up with quite number of creative innovation which I felt will bring about development to my constituents if given the mandate” He ended.


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